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The Vlada Brusilovskaya Fund

Transforming. Inspiring.

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What we do?

Since 2015, our team has been working to make public spaces functional and comfortable, turning them into platforms for dialogue and self-development.

How we do this?

To transform these urban areas, we call on a team of skilled architects and artists. We also thoroughly study these places and the people who use them. Our strategy is to create small architectural designs and events which can take place within them.

Our Projects

Small Changes that Inspire

Our Team

Vlada Brusilovska

- Founder -

Valerii Kuznetsov

- Architect -

Katerina Kuznetsova

- Architect -

Dasha Orlyans’ka

- Co-Founder and Photographer -

Maria Lozhko

- Project Coordinator -

Olena Zaytseva-Gryvko

- Designerа -

Claire Guzanova

- International Project Coordinator -

Tetiana Golofiyevs’ka-Suganyaka

- Project Coordinator -

Valentin Brodskiy

- Architect, Web Designer -

Vitaliy Yeremenko

- Developer -

Daria Proviz

- Designer -

Vasilisa Krushinskaya

- Project manager -

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+38 050 5144727
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